Would you like to make your home smarter, safer and healthier?
Would you like to monitor and improve the air quality and comfort in your home and breathe healthy air?
Would you like to stay in touch with your loved ones and know that they are safe and well ventilated even from a distance?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need the Carenuity SQ-Panel - the smart device that helps you live a healthy and connected life with your loved ones.

The Carenuity SQ-Panel is a 2.6-inch touchscreen with built-in sensors. It displays the relevant sensor values of the room air. These are temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon dioxide (C02) and airborne organic compounds (TVOC). It also detects the presence of people in the room, which it can detect and monitor up to 6m.

The Carenuity smartphone app allows you to access the SQ-Panel while on the move and lets you monitor the SQ-Panel from anywhere and, for example, activate the alarm when you are away.

The Carenuity SQ-Panel connects to the Carenuity cloud via the Carenuity Border Router, which acts as a gateway between your home network and the internet. This enables you to access and control your Carenuity SQ-Panel from anywhere, using the Carenuity Home app on your smartphone.

With the Carenuity Home app, you can :

View the sensor values of your Carenuity SQ panel in real time, from anywhere and at any time.
Receive alerts and notifications if the sensor values exceed or fall below the threshold values you have set.
Monitor the air quality over time at your loved ones' location or in your home and communicate with your loved ones if you notice that an expected airing or other daily routine has not or not yet taken place.
The historical data and trends of the sensor values can also be helpful. Get personalized insights and tips to improve air quality and safety in your home.

The Carenuity SQ panel is easy to install and use. You can have it mounted in the wall, in which case it is wireless, or you can simply place it on a table, chest of drawers or shelf. You can adjust the display settings such as brightness and color to suit your preferences.

The Carenuity SQ panel is more than just a device: it's a good and totally discreet way to show your loved ones you care, and for yourself too. It helps to create a comfortable, healthy and safe environment in your home.It also keeps you connected to your loved ones and allows you to care for and support them even when you are not physically there.

The Carenuity SQ panel is the solution for your smart home. Support us on Kickstarter and order it today.

Case study for the SQ-Panel

Home office :

You work from home and want to ensure that the indoor air quality is optimal.
The SQ-Panel shows you the current valuesand warns you if necessary so that you can concentrate on your work.

Bedroom :

Before you go to sleep, check the air quality. If the CO2 level is too high, open the window or switch on an air purifier.

Children's room:

The SQ-Panel warns you if the air quality is not ideal.
This allows you to take timely action to protect your children's health

Large offices:

You work from home and want to ensure that the indoor air quality is optimal.
The SQ-Panel shows you the current values and warns you if necessary so that you can concentrate on your work.

Vaccation Home:

Even if you are far away, you can use the app to check the indoor air parameters in your vacation home and make sure everything is in order.

Kitchen and cooking:

You are preparing a feast and want to monitor the air quality in the kitchen. The SQ-Panel shows you the current values and helps you to optimize the air circulation. If the VOC content rises, it's time to ventilate.

Motorhome in the front garden:

Your motorhome is parked in the front garden and you want to make sure it's comfortable inside before you set off on a journey.
The SQ-Panel shows you the indoor air parameters so that you can take measures in advance.


Even in a remote garden shed or garage, you can use the SQ-Panel to monitor the presence of people (CO2) or vehicles (VOC).

Garden shed:

If you store tools or plant equipment there, it is important to know if the humidity is too high to prevent mold growth.

Guest comfort and indoor air quality:

The SQ-Panel monitors indoor air parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC. If the room is too warm or too stuffy, you can take timely action to improve the comfort of your guests.

Energy efficiency and guest presence:

When guests leave the room, the device detects their absence. Users can now switch off the light or turn down the heating to save energy until guests return. The device provides information and ensures comfort.

Security and notifications:

The SQ-Panel can notify you of expected and unexpected events. For example, if a window is left open or if cooking is taking place in a room, you will receive a notification.