A mini wifi & Bluetooth5 (LE) boards based ESP32-C3FH4. [Buy it]

based ESP32-C3 WIFI & Bluetooth LE RISC-V Single-Core CPU
Type-C USB
4MB Flash
12x IO
1x WS2812B RGB LED
Compatible with LOLIN D1 mini shields
Compatible with MicroPython, Arduino, CircuitPython and ESP-IDF
Default firmware: MicroPython
Technical specs
Operating Voltage3.3V
Digital I/O Pins12
Clock Speed160MHz
Flash4M Bytes
V2.2.1 Carenuity EU version
V2.1.0 Lolin version

The C3-mini, particularly the Carenuity C3 Mini, is a compact microcontroller that's quite versatile due to its features like WiFi and Bluetooth LE capabilities, a RISC-V Single-Core CPU, and compatibility with various programming environments such as MicroPython, Arduino, and CircuitPython12. Carenuity even supports install-for-free applications for the EcoSystems: CloudFree, Home Assistant, IoT AppStore and Matter/ESPZero.


Applications for the plain C3-mini 'standalone', no Display or Sensor required

Grab your plain C3-Mini and build your own device within 3 minutes, by installing the popular WLED-Application, the helpful GPIO-Viewer or a plain “empty” ESPHome device for Home Assistant with no special features built-in. Ready to make it your own.

Applications for the C3-mini with Display

Grab your C3-Mini and build your own device within 3 minutes, by attaching a display [buy here] to enable applications like a WiFi Signal Strength Meter, a Weather-Station or a YouTube-Counter for Followers and Likes.

Applications for the C3-mini with Sensor & Display

Grab your C3-Mini and build your own device within 3 minutes, by free installing various sensor applications like a Barometer, Hygrometer, Luxmeter or Motion Detector.

What is the C3-Mini?

The ESP32-Mini was the successor of the D1-Mini, comes with added Bluetooth and is now the predecessor of the latest C3-Mini™, which we recommend to stay future proof with respect to the upcoming Matter standard.

For flashing C3-Mini successfully, you need to hold the BOOT-Button, click in parallel the RST-Button for a moment while still keeping BOOT button pressed and then start WebFlashing. Once Flashing started you can release the BOOT-Button. Whenever you want to quick change a sensor, do the same procedure. We know this is tedious, compared to old ESP8266 / ESP32 boards. Therefore we work on convenience measures against it.


This selection box eases the setup for you to test the 7 featured sensors.

Install For Free (7 Devices)

Build your own device within seconds:

IR Radiometer
Motion Detector
Presence Button
GPIO Viewer

GPIO Viewer: Monitor GPIO pins on your browser

YouTube Meter

YouTube Meter: YouTube Channel Statistics Meter with C3-Mini

Carenuity Device

The QUICK CHANGE allows to easily get the right device for your actual need.

Carenuity Device

All you do is replacing the one sensor by plugging-in the desired, following the illustration for installing the new device.

From this Modular C3-Mini™ Sensor Selection Box you select one of the 7 sensors, which you combine with the C3-Mini microcontroller and the OLED display on the Triple-Adapter, as illustrated and install the selected application:

Install For Free

Once you want to buy more parts or spare parts, be it sensors or microcontrollers, you find a good offer in the ChipGlobe WebShop:

Buy C3-Mini Parts