Grab the C3-Mini microcontroller and build your own device, by installing 7 different sensors for getting a Barometer, Hygrometer, Luxmeter, Motion Detector … all for free

What is the C3-Mini?

The ESP32-Mini was the successor of the D1-Mini, comes with added Bluetooth and is now the predecessor of the latest C3-Mini™, which we recommend to stay future proof with respect to the upcoming Matter standard.

For flashing C3-Mini successfully, you need to hold the BOOT-Button, click in parallel the RST-Button for a moment while still keeping BOOT button pressed and then start WebFlashing. Once Flashing started you can release the BOOT-Button. Whenever you want to quick change a sensor, do the same procedure. We know this is tedious, compared to old ESP8266 / ESP32 boards. Therefore we work on convenience measures against it.


This selection box eases the setup for you to test the 7 featured sensors.

Install For Free (7 Devices)

Build your own device within seconds:

IR Radiometer
Motion Detector
Presence Button
Carenuity Device

The QUICK CHANGE allows to easily get the right device for your actual need.

Carenuity Device

All you do is replacing the one sensor by plugging-in the desired, following the illustration for installing the new device.

From this Modular C3-Mini™ Sensor Selection Box you select one of the 7 sensors, which you combine with the C3-Mini microcontroller and the OLED display on the Triple-Adapter, as illustrated and install the selected application:

Install For Free

Once you want to buy more parts or spare parts, be it sensors or microcontrollers, you find a good offer in the ChipGlobe WebShop:

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