SQ-Labs Team

Knowledge is not required to experience Carenuity sensor solutions. Nevertheless for learning more on coding for customizing your own self-made device, we shares the knowledge on the following team pages and in the blog.

As elderly like grandma needs care by a supportive talent, the SQ-Labs Team supports care giving talents, so that they can customize the Install-for-Free applications for their relatives needs or even enhance them.

We support this e.g. by

sharing all applications on WOKWI and Github
providing instructions on how to get sensor data accesssible, e.g. by OpenWeather API key, Spotify API key, Adafruit IO key or Thingspeak API key.
providing insights in sensor measirements e.g. CO2.
providing instructions on hackster.io

The SQ-Labs Team makes it easy to get across hurdles and assist talents to make it enjoyable fun for anyone building own devices within 3 minutes.