Sensor Selection Box

Grab that Sensor Box and build your own device, by installing 7 different sensors for getting a Barometer, Hygrometer, Luxmeter, Motion Detector … all for free

What is Inside?

This Modular C3-Mini™ Sensor Selection Box comes with 7 sensors for easy plug&build a device like Barometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer, Luxmeter, IR Radiometer, Motion Detector, Presence Button.

Beside the C3-Mini comes one Display to visualize the sensors measurements and a Buzzer for triggering an alarm. A Triple-Adapter allows to conveniently plug the parts together and the USB-A Type-C data cable inside allows powering your built device. Just use the free C3-Installer - of course for free.

Carenuity Sensors

You find that sticker on each Modular C3-Mini™ Sensor Selection Box.

Install For Free (7 Devices)

Build your own device within seconds:

IR Radiometer
Motion Detector
Presence Button
Carenuity Device

The QUICK CHANGE allows to easily get the right device for your actual need.

Carenuity Device

All you do is replacing the one sensor by plugging-in the desired, following the illustration for installing the new device.

From this Modular C3-Mini™ Sensor Selection Box you select one of the 7 sensors, which you combine with the C3-Mini microcontroller and the OLED display on the Triple-Adapter, as illustrated and install the selected application:

Install For Free

Once you want to buy more parts or spare parts, be it sensors or microcontrollers, you find a good offer in the ChipGlobe WebShop:

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