Install For Free

Install For Free

Grab & plug your Triple (S, M & A) e.g. from your drawer or go shopping

Get your hardware at hand

As all these boards are so popular, we assume that you possibly have them at your hand. If you want to refill your drawer, find all parts in dedicated assortment boxes or buy any part separately as spare parts in our store, e.g. to build more devices of a desired kind: Here is a recommended link to re-fill your drawer.

Select Sensor

Install the desired software

For building your own desired device, you select from a wide range of sensors to build your own device, e.g. a Barometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer, Luxmeter, IR Radiometer, Motion Detector or a Presence Button. Simply use the Install-For-Free App to seamlessly transition between the different types of devices. Whether you're tracking atmospheric changes, monitoring moisture levels, or detecting motion, the possibilities are endless.

Housing your device, e.g. by an card board enclosure

Discover the joy of customization and unlock your creative potential e.g. in housing the electronics in a hand made card paper enclosure. Don't miss out to the printed ones from our store.


For your orientation, we have simplified the stacking by these letters S, M and A onto the Triple-Adapter. This makes it as simple as possible to attach the three boards. Follow the respective illustrations for building your own device.